Reporters Without Borders: Two Sides

The human rights organization Reporters Without Borders demonstrates the ambivalence of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. An imposing city-light-campaign shows both sides: truth and lies. For this purpose the advertising agency Philipp and Keuntje juxtaposed controversial quotes, thereby showing the significance of a free press for the ability to judge. Instead of one billboard with three posters passing through, colored layers alternate and in doing so expose quotes with different content. The campaign shows the importance of the work of journalists, who are being persecuted and threatened in Russia. These are the journalists Reporters Without Borders fights for daily.

Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Diether Kerner
Creative Director: Simon Jasper Philipp
Art Director: Mareike Hinsche
Copywriters: Adrienne Tonner, Johanna Hoppe
Creatives: Simon Jasper Philipp, Adrienne Tonner
Agency Producer: Jan-Erik Wessel
Film Production: Laia Gonzalez, Kira Bürgerhoff
Project Managers: Tanja Contreras, Ilona Perger

March, 2014


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