RAVE (Revolt Against Virus Exchange): Street

This campaign targets homosexual males ages 18-30. It stems from the underlying subculture of bug chasers, or men who actively seek out HIV and want to be infected.

Advertising Agency: LMN Design, USA
Art Director: Laurie Nickerson


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I'm really not sure about this... The common "reader" won't understand it as the advertiser intends to. If it wasn't the explanation - I would be offended.

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You're not the target.

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I'm the target, well I'm not seeking AIDS-- but this is great. People are just ridiculous these days about being safe. I just read there has been a 40 percent increase in HIV diagnoses. So sad. And for what? A fleeting moment of satisfaction. Things like this make me seriously doubt the human race's intelligence.

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Crisp One
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DOOOD the message in the background is AWESOME. SOOO ON TARGET!

RESPECT! Laurie Nickerson

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