RAVE: Inevitable

HIV is inevitable. I am going to get it eventually.
We have been changing how HIV is perceived to everyone but ourselves.
Change the mentality.

This campaign targets homosexual males ages 18-30. It stems from the underlying subculture of bug chasers, or men who actively seek out HIV and want to be infected.

Advertising Agency: LMN Design, USA
Art Director: Laurie Nickerson

August 2008


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weak copy

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I would like to point out that the quotes were actually taken from interviewees who are/were bug chasers. In lieu of twisting the quotes and making them into a "headline" I decided to keep the integrity of person's words intact. Whether this was the best way to go or not, I don't know. Thanks for feedback.

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With all due respect, (and I completely get what you are doing here) the people that see these ads will not have the benefit of any of the explanations that you have given us in this forum. It may serve the campaign to think about how people will see these in their environment. If some people find the copy weak or the idea a bit hollow here, it stands to reason that some may see it the same way in the public.

I appreciate that these are actual quotes, but just putting quote marks around them doesn't tell the viewing public that. People are skeptical by nature and there is a lot of advertising that says something is quoted when it actually isn't. So for that reason, I think if you have an opportunity to punch up the copy, to make it more interesting in some way, to make people want to stop and read it, then you should take that opportunity. Especially when the driving message is so important to the target you are trying to hit. Imagine if these posters had well-crafted, biting headlines based on actual comments instead of just (what some may see as) boring comments.

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True. I still have the "glossy eyed" ideals of advertising because it is still new to me. You are right that just because there are quote marks doesn't mean it is an actual quote. This is still a work in progress so shifting and adapting is a possibility.
Thanks for your feedback.

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So XL, what could the headline say instead that would make it spectacular in your eyes?

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I think the topic chosen in this ad is great. There is a lot of intrigue in the idea that some people think they're going to get HIV anyway, so why not just rush out and pick it up? It's sort of a "beat the system" mentality to me. I don't have any issue with that at all, it just seems a little flat to merely have a quote saying that.

That being said, I'm not going to actually craft a line for this ad. I think that's the team's job. But my point is there is a way to say the same thing with a lot more punch to it and I'd like to see Laurie do that.

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I don't think the copy's weak. You just don't get it bc you probably aren't living in the culture.

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What an interesting target to write ads for! I'm not sure how I would have approached it, but there is an honesty and freshness to these ads that forces you to connect with the message. I like.

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