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everything would have been better if she'd shaved the arm holding the mirror

"just commenting to gather points i love free drinks"

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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That's funny, can't believe you spotted that.

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Unique photographic look. is it done in post or the way it's shot?

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overly art-directed to the point where the background and details distract from the idea...

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I love it!

This is why Canada is one of the leaders in the Ad industry!

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This one funny :)

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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It catches your attention and implies a certain sense of humor on behalf of the show it's advertising. Also, I like the way the lady's scalp is blotched and red. Good job!

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john ler
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Blonde: -"See what happens when fucking my husband, bitch ? "
Brunette: -"Amazing ! Now I really look like Britney Spears !"

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Oh no,did anyone realise that there should be a lady sitting on the chair in the background since her reflection's caught in the mirror but there's no one!

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Hey! u r right! Good catch...maybe it's the ghost of the lady who's neck was razored off, considering the beautician's butter fingers...


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