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appreciate the effort, but why to go through all this when they can get a nice clean cut designs with less steps, unless they tended to make it in this way

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You cannot get that kind of raw, primitive look to type from a computer. Hand-cut letters just have that distinctive look about them. The artwork here is brilliant.

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Looks great.

Really like the idea.

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Peter Frank
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Love the art and the concept here.

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Love the art direction and return to craft to get this done!

I guess what I am saying is it could have been done in photoshop but it wasn't and I like the fact that they went to traditional means to produce it.

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New Concept in Our Door Field
great Campina

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nice concept.

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great work

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Love the idea! Wished that the handmade linocuts were further used in the campaign,not just for printing the ad.

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