ProCenter: Treated like trash

A lot of people feel that prostitution is a threat to several social and moral orders and thus treat prostitutes as less worthy human beings. Pro Centre wants the society to acknowledge the person behind the title «prostitute» and «whore».

Advertising Agency: Anti Advertising, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Erik Heisholt
Art Director: Torstein Søreide Skogedal
Copywriter: Thomas Larsen Eltvik
Photographer: Jens Haugen
Graphic designer: Martine Strøm
Project manager: Kjersti Brinch Lund
Published: November 2013


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Not sure if it's quite hitting. Or perhaps I've misunderstood. Can someone explain please?

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Yeah, I might be able to explain it for you. Pro Center is a national center of expertise on prostitution, and they wanted to change negative opinions towards prostitutes and thus highlight how most people in society views prostitues. Which, in this particular ad is shown with a woman treated like trash. Hope you understand the two other outtakes as well.

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I like the concept.

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