Pilot Pens: Pen Fashion Poster

Making Writing Fashionable Again. Jacksonville Fashion Week 2012. PilotPen.US

Pilot Pens US is introducing a fashionable line of their erasable pen named FriXion. First promotion begins in their US manufacturing home of Jacksonville Florida.

Advertising Agency: Bright Red TBWA, USA
Creative Director: Erich Stefanovich
Art Director: John Towler
Copywriter: T.J. Aseltyne
Photographer: Stock
Photoshop: John Towler
Published: March 2012

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vote4pedro's picture
4601 pencils

The only thing worse than the idea is the photoshop. My 5-year-old nephew could do better than this.

rfm399's picture
14 pencils

Well, isn't it making pens, not writing, fashionable?

This wasn't thought through very much.

kleenex's picture
27210 pencils

They beat Lady Gaga to the idea....

Spanky's picture
4898 pencils

Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking when they submit stuff to ads of the world. This is begging for a beat down.

Visionary's picture
3 pencils

Describing this in three words:


-Well Done!

vote4pedro's picture
4601 pencils

In case you're wondering, yes it's obvious when someone creates a new account to comment on their own work.

DameWallis's picture
52 pencils

Photoshop Disaster dot com forward slash who approved this?

ZeSheep's picture
174 pencils

I think this a scam gone wrong. Copywriters were on low tar instead of weed. photoshop guys went on strike

Rose Abraham's picture
Rose Abraham
62 pencils

The product: Pen.
The occasion: Fashion week.
The result: A dress made out of pens.

That'll do, creativity, that'll do.

Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
986 pencils

ha ha ha...They beat Lady Gaga to the idea....
rofl :D

kbx911's picture
916 pencils


You Are What You Expect

suitonyou's picture
2 pencils

Nice picture. How can I buy this copy right?

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