Pfizer Nicotine Addiction: 1

Check out the microsite for the video as well:

Advertising Agency: Ursa Communications, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Denis Mamo
Creative Team: Helen Shortis, Geoff Fischer
Specialist Writing: Marlyn Docherty
Strategic Planning: Richard Wylie, Nicky Brugnola
Account Leadership: Vanessa Burrow, Mariana Olliver
Print Production: Cathy Arthur, Paul Burgess, Jessica Beckingham
Photography: Penny Clay
Retouching: Jason Riddell
Digital Team: Suede


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nice visual...thats it

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Guest commenter

What zi fuck?

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The headline confuses me. Needs editing.

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Yeah, not sure if the whole tone is trying to use sarcasm, irony, or some such device. Whatever, I don't get it.

But misplaced headlines aside, I feel this approach to anti-smoking is more effective than the "Shock and Awe" type ads conceived by non-smokers with little idea of the nature of nicotine addiction.
At least this one gets me to reflect...a little. Good insights, but not enough brainstorming on concept.

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I think they want to portray cigarettes as a powerful hypnotist. Not sure about how the class capsule conveys hypnotism. Crystal ball?

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