Peugeot: Demolition bonus sign, 2

Now is a good time to know your car is worth € 1.000,-. Ask for the demolition bonus at Peugeot.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Stan Severin
Art Director: Gijs van den Berg
Copywriter: Niek Eijsbouts
Released: June 2009


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Good idea ! I think this ad Is just allowed in a small part of the world.

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Didn't understand either.

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That phone is CUH-RAZY.

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those phones are placed in some countries (incl. the netherlands) next to roads, so if people have a broken car, they can use it to call the service needed. It is a bit old fashioned because of cellphones though

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Text on the sign:

This is a good moment to know that your car is still worth 1000,- euro.

Take know the 'break down provit' by your Peugeot dealer

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