Panasonic Lumix: Ballet

Lumix Panasonic with mega OIS image stabilizer.

Advertising Agency: Fischer America Comunicacao Total, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors / Creative Directors: Flávio Casarotti, Pedro Cappeletti
Copywriter: Pedro Guerra
Art Director: Ricardo Big Passos
Photographer: Pedro Dimitrow
Art Buyer: Felipe Cunha
Account Supervisor: Paula Borges
Advertiser's Supervisor: Mauricio Guarnieri


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Did we not just see this EXACT idea for cannon like 3 days ago?

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

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Yes, but apparently it won silver in outdoor in Cannes. :o

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isnt it forced...?

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um..... good. but... hum.... good~^^

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I like the art direction better on these. The Canon ads look photoshoppy.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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It doesn't really advertise the product, as the camera stabilizer cannot freeze moving subjects, it only helps keep a steadier hand.

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done so many times.

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