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May 2013

American hospitals are crazy expensive. Especially if you’re from Canada and you don’t have travel insurance. So to reach Canadians on their way to the US, we placed three simple billboards (at varying distances) along the highway leading to the border. The ads replicate familiar highway signs, right down to their reflective surface. They remind travellers that US medical care is mega pricey and offer one last chance to get coverage before it’s too late.

Outdoor advertisment created by Wasserman, Canada for Pacific Blue Cross, within the category: Finance.

Expensive Medical, 0.5 km.

Advertising Agency: Wasserman + Partners, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Liam Greenlaw
Associate Creative Director: Allen Forbes
Art Director: Winston Hartle
Copywriter: Ryan McGrew
Vice President: Pauline Hadley-Beauregard
Account Supervisor: Neil Malik
Producer: Steve Coulter
Media Planner: Ashley Lewis

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adri10288's picture
Activity Score 337

Smart Insight. Great placement. Simple message. Good stuff.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 49614

Love it.

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

really really basic

adri10288's picture
Activity Score 337

Not sure if 'basic' is the right word certaintly. Simple yes... but basic implies that it's not well thought out. This ad is far from that. I think it's going to be effective.

Grrambo's picture
Activity Score 3

Simple, effective and attention grabbing. This is a great example of the perfect ad placed in the perfect location. Good job!