Osim: Pricking Head

Take the sting out of headaches

This is an idea about empathy. We simulate how people feel when they are suffered from headache. The feeling should be a pricking! That;s why a head shot was formed by pins on a notice board. It tells how much pain the head is suffering. If you feel the same, OSIM uCrown is the solution.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Iris Lo, Timothy Chan, Ming Chan
Art Directors: Ming Chan, Jeff Lai, Chiu Wai Hung
Copywriters: Timothy Chan, Jann Yu
Illustrator: Joe Wan

August 2012


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At least it has nice art.

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chiflete comunic
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same client 2 campains?

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To me a headache is more like a bludgeoning, not a 'pricking'... different kind of pain.

Also, that many pins wouldn't hurt as much as a single pin, like a nail bed doesn't hurt.

Different idea but same same: http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/prints/microsoft-windows-essential...

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nice art direction, but the idea is boring. Is not hard to people know to is to feel a headache, so the idea of empathy in this case doesn't mean much thing. Also, I think that at least most of the people don't scream like that with a headache. Another point is the I believe that the idea of "feel this pain" is not very inviting, cause nobody enjoy to feel pain, or at least most of the people.

I hate macs

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