Orphea: The billboard trap

Insecticide for outdoors

Advertising agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini
Copywriter: Stefano Battistelli
Art director: Francesco Epifani
Account director: Claudia Brambilla
Producer: Massimo Fabbri
Editor: Nicolò Lombardi
Photographer: Massimo Fazio
Art buyer: Stefano Gruarin


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Simple. Effective. Brilliant. This is why I want to work for Publicis

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Saw the same idea about 4 years ago. Sorry, can't remember the exact brand though.

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Difference is the artificial sweetener ad didn't kill the ants. I don't particularly care for bugs living where they don't belong, but I don't feel right about killing them for an ad, outside, where they're supposed to be. Fact is, we need bugs for a healthy eco-system--like it or not. Killing the bugs on a giant billboard for an ad just seems unnecessary. The wide-spread unwise use of insecticides is having negative consequences all around us, but I don't think THAT's the message they really wanted to share. I'm moderate in my views, I can imagine how some people would be absolutely appalled by this ad. I wouldn't object at all if they just attracted the bugs like they did in the sweetener ad, let the birds have 'em! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "nature" fanatic, but I do believe that there needs to be a balance, and this is just a "sign" (pun intended) of what is wrong with how we deal with the world today. Profit over any other consideration-bugs OR people. Enough of my soapbox! That said, it's not a bad ad, if as I said, they'd just attracted them as the sweetener ad did and didn't wind up killing all of those bugs then leave them there like some kind of macabre proclamation.

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Nice reference, but the case I am referring to showed the dead bugs spelling a word on a billboard.

Still, similar to the case you found.

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Very good. I can't recall seeing the idea before.

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Oh my God. This is fucking gross. Killing bugs to advertise killing bugs. Really people? Human's at their worst :(

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alex razzaghi
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not a fan

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@morse it was for a sugar brand done by JWT mumbai a couple of years ago. A poster on a tree that had glue on it which was sweet. Ants were attracted to it forming a message.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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@kalpesh78 please share the link or shut up!!!

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advertising ninja
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10 stars in my book : ] really really perfect. the best outdoor of the year.

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advertising ninja
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kalpesh78, that is not how it works. you have to learn to look at the whole picture. this is a very clear piece of communication which displays the benefit of a bug spray (killing bugs, thats what it does). sugar company, ants, trees.. these are irrelevant completely different. know better before trying to label great work as "done".

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regardless of whether your point is correct, it was also done by another bug spray company years earlier:

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It's the same Mr.Ninja. Kalpesh is right.

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Simple and it works.

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The end result is pretty dumb. It looks like Orphea will spray bugs out of it onto you. Makes no sense with the payoff.

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Sorry, but this was done 5 years ago by Sugar Free, and again by Orkin:

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Simple and effective. Great work.

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So, how many days or weeks we have to wait to see it work??

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I think it is not simple and it is not brilliant. The mistake was to apply the glue on the spray target. It could be brilliant if the flies were sticked to everthing else but the field of action or ORPHEA.

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That's actually a good point, if the other bugs were attracted but not "stuck". Even better because the target audience would see that they were still alive.

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It's not always about absolute originality sometimes it's a case or repurposing and relevance. As others have noted this is a product that kills the flies that "cross its path" so the effect has to be in the spray area - not outside of it. To the squeamish and "friends of flies"... seriously? I don't think this is going to upset the natural balance nor set a precedent for escalation... this is not a moral debate. If the flies lived it would only communicate that the product was not effective.

Shaping Brand Destiny™

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No bugs were harmed in the making of this...nevermind.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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