Nissan: Natural Fit, 2

In collaboration with the Creative Sweatshop studio, they made animals entirely composed of Nissan vehicle's spare parts. In order to feature the customer service as the most natural way to maintain Nissan vehicles, the sculptures were created without any 3D or any pieces distortion. The sculptures were shot by Fabrice Fouillet.

Advertising Agencies: TBWA/G1 / TBWA/Paris, France


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Transformers!! I actually liked the honeybees more than the cat. :) But both are cool. Wish we could've seen actual pictures in their natural environment or something.

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i don't like

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Tilbin Thambi
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Digital Arts At the best!

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I agree to that

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I think that it took too much time for a result so weak.

I hate macs

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Rose Abraham
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I love these little manufacturing creatures! They look so technically delightful.

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Peter Frank
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