Museum of World Culture: Outdoor

An Exhibition on Vodou.

Advertising Agency: Valentin & Byhr, Gothenburg, Sweden
Creative Director: Magnus Tengby
Art Director: Pernilla Åberg
Copywriter: Mattias Åkerberg
Photographer: Rob Vanstone
Project manager: Ann McManus
Motion graphics designer: Niklas Aldén

November 2009


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366 pencils

Bad photoshop...

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1449 pencils

apparently we have 4+ suns.

and whats with this sterile line?

and genocidal photoshop...

and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame idea...

Quite really.

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This one doesnt work.

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Just Copy
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Re Dator
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Quite ovious, but i like...

What in the world happened to the needle´s shadows?

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Here's a theory; they where feeling so "vuduued" that their shadows came to live.. like in Peter Pan!

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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I thought it was an exhibition on pinboards? Isn't Voodoo an age old, animist pagan religion from Africa? With it's rich and cultural influence felt across most continents of the world, through music and religion,
surely there's to than a simple voodoo doll analogy.

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worst photoshop ever!!!!!

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