Museum Der Bildenden Künste Leipzig: Hairdresser

The Masters Are Here. Where Are You?

Advertising Agency: Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Michael Preuss
Art Director: Zuzana Havelcova
Grafik: Barbora Panikova
Copywriter: Michael Preuss
Consultant: Nina Preuss
Published: August 2010


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This lady is a hairdresser? A master hairdresser? And she is... where? What?

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Translation: "Die MEISTER sind da"
Bad German pun.

Meister = Master craftsman (
Meister = Old Master (Painter of skill from before 1800)

And this is what this ad is about. A museum showing pieces of old masters. It's ultra lame.

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Phil Hamilton
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in toilet after a heavy breakfast!

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