MS: Impotence

Multiple sclerosis interrupts the nerve tracts.
This leads to incontinence, impotence and paralysis.

Advertising Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Daniel Comte, Urs Schrepfer
Art Director: Marietta Albinus
Copywriter: Martin Stulz
Photographer: Peter Hebeisen


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Pacific Blue
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Not bad at all.

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malaysian tomboy
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Forced ... gimmicky

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I get the idea but the copy should have been simple

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Hey Karen, If you don't have anything interesting that to say, Please, please, please. Keep quiet and you begin to work in ideas outstanding. The copy-paste is old-fashioned

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Love these. I think they're great. Yes, the line could be simpler but I have a feeling that it may have been dictated by the client. It's reads like a very official line, It can be hard to get the client away from speaking to themselves sometimes.

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bara bara baez
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I has a dream I made this ad.

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The pole behind it? is it a sarcastical coïncidence?

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afronuts i agree with you, the copy is way to wordy for an almost speaking picture
albinic areola

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trans galactic
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tooooooooooo cool for school.........nice!.........

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