Mercedes-Benz: The campaign created by nature

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has chosen an innovative approach to promoting the clean Euro 6 engine. The entire campaign is literally created by nature. That’s because it is vitally important that we switch to cleaner engines for the sake of nature. And who can convince you to switch better than nature itself How have animals made the posters? Cut-outs of letters are put on canvas posters and then placed in nature so that rabbits, hedgehogs, boars and other animals can create the advertisements with their pawprints. They do this by leaving behind their muddy pawprints on the canvas posters. So this is how the cut-out letters are gradually filled in. The posters can be seen at car shows and in outdoor advertising together with a link to the making of.

Advertising Agency: N=5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Director: Ed van Bennekom
Copywriter: Jasper Diks
Producer: Guy van der Hoop
Director: Danny van den Bersselaar
Production Company: Big Shots
Published: August 2012


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not special at all.

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i liked the idea

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Great idea!

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Great idea and Im sure it was better before deadlines and clients and la di da, but I feel like it fell a bit short of its potential. Basically, its "a long, long walk for a ham sandwich."

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I agree with, Yarp. I got so hungry doing all that walking, that the ham sandwich left me unfulfilled.

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