Piccadilly signs

December 2009

The McDonald’s giant interactive LED billboard at London’s Piccadilly Circus was created to do more than just sell burgers, It is an interactive poster allows the 34 million people that pass it every year to actually live the brand’s value of Simple Easy Enjoyment. Using a series of 40 second iconic still and moving images, people can take pictures of them with our poster as a backdrop and create a fun photo of them appearing to wear or do something. The digital technology allows us to display a variety of creative executions - London-centric (e.g. bowler hat), seasonal (e.g. umbrella) and tactical (e.g. Mother’s Day, Halloween). Already in the short time that the poster has been live, a Flickr group has been created and when you go down to Piccadilly Circus you’ll now see people striking strange poses as they manoeuvre into position for their perfect shot.

Outdoor advertisment created by Leo Burnett, United Kingdom for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett London, UK
Creative Director: Jonathan Burley
Copywriters / Art Directors: Garry Munns, Monty Verdi
Photographer: Tiff Hunter
Agency Producer: Claire Taylor
Post Production: The Moving Picture Company
Director: David Haupt
Producer: Lieanna Campbell

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Noor Salah's picture
Noor Salah
Activity Score 34

Very cool

nepstein's picture
Activity Score 197

How are people supposed to know they can interact with it? As far as I can tell there is no copy or call to action, just the McDonalds logo with random imagery.

This is not only generic, but completely irrelevant. Even if people understood the purpose of the billboard (to take interesting photos?), there is still minimal association with McDonalds itself. People are interacting with the items, not the McDonalds brand - there's a big failure to connect to the imagery and activity to the brand and the product. An umbrella and a bouquet of roses will never represent McDonalds.

The only exceptions to what I just posted are the billboards with McDonalds Food in thought bubbles, and, ironically, those are the least interesting images in my opinion.

matks's picture
Activity Score 476

Would anyone like to have a picture with a humburger?

nepstein's picture
Activity Score 197

Sure. Why not? At least then it would be somewhat connected to the brand it's supposed to represent.

matks's picture
Activity Score 476

Why not? Would you?

It's treating people as idiots. Or, if actually they make pictures with a humburger background (which can't check out myself), then it is the right communication for the right people.

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3736

clever.. i love this work!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

pandyllero14's picture
Activity Score 46

I totally agree with nepstein, this is absolutely useless for the brand, I HATE IT

alansmithie's picture
Activity Score 14

BBDO vs Leo Burnett

which idea is smarter? you decide.

nepstein's picture
Activity Score 197

These campaigns are completely different from one another. The only similarity is that they both are interactive billboard campaigns.

matks's picture
Activity Score 476

Yes they're completeley different. One is brainless and stupid to death, the other one is a modern classic.

clubjas's picture
Activity Score 230

cool, ppls do talk about this for sure... and it attracts crowd too..
yeah but nothing to do with the brand

innovative promotional giveaways -

Gasper's picture
Activity Score 44

Really cool, It's really nice to do in places with a big movement of tourists (all tourists carry a camera)

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