McDonald's: Big Mac

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France
Creative Director: Jean-François Goize
Copywriter: Frank Marinus
Art Director / Illustrator: Michael Mikiels


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So.. I'm not sure.. I think I lost here anyone please enlighten me.

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Pete R.
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It's pretty cool McD can pull this off. Iconic foods.

Art & Illustration

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Well of course they can pull it off, it has the McD logo on it.

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I love how simple each item is.

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It looks like fully processed food to me, you guys are shooting yourself in the red shoe

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Like the 2012 cocacola cannes lions winner, or the 2013 pepsi cannes lions winner, i think this will win too.

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cannes?????? OMG!!! seriously???

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The icons look really good. It's a bit of a downer that they had to put the M logo next to them. Feels like they weren't a 100% sure about the iconic nature of their products.

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minimalist design isn't enough but in this case I like the provocative idea. Unique and inconic set of ads ! Well done !

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nobody out of advertising will care about this.

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Phil Lestino
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you guys are pulling my chain right? Iconic!!! What a bunch of twadle...what does this set of ads do? They are neither memorable iconic or pretty. I agree with bobafett...fully processed just like the food.

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Phil Lestino
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m m m m m m m m

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