Malibu: Barrel, 3

The fusion of rum & coconut.

Malibu conveys a lot about its Caribbean origins and about the diversity of the cocktails it permits us to make, but except the coconut, we don’t know anything of its recipe. The new display campaign of the brand is finally going to enlighten us about this issue ... So, we learn that the secret of the recipe is that there isn't one: Malibu, it's simple and it’s essentially a mixing of rum and coconut. A revelation quite reassuring at our time, while we are precisely looking for simplicity and authenticity.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Creative directors: Florent Imbert, Emmanuel Lallevé
Art director: Pierre Delort
Copywriter: Clarisse Monnot
Account manager: Michel Kowalski
Account: Alice Rinder
Strategic planner: Guillaume Le Gorrec
Production House: Illusion Co.,Ltd. / La Manufacture Paris
Photographers: Surachai Puthikulangkura, Pichichai Junlaboot
Illustrators: Surachai Puthikulangkura, Supachai U-Rairat
Producers: Somsak Pairew, Anotai Panmongkol


kleenex's picture
32502 pencils

Solid art.

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product shot is way too big.
and so is the copy.

ok ad. works.
but very literal

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Rhymie Z
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It's an outdoor campaign!

Rhymie Z

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ah, ok. right you are.

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Nice Campaign ! Very well executed !

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art it good but Bottle & copy is too big against the main visual..

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i love the layout

groovy baby!

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The type is just horrible.

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