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I'm very sorry but i just don't get a copy

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When you listen to audiobooks the annoying commute seems shorter.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Your own 'copy' doesn't make sense.

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I actually like this, though it's not perfect.
time does fly with an interesting read (or something interesting to listen to) but they could have pushed the art direction a lot further. individual stations aren't much closer here.

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Not very creative, but effective. Specially when placed right next to an actual map.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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audio books shorten the time, is good. yet another subway map in the subway isn't. not only is this overdone lately but you've effectively camouflaged your ad.

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I like this. Good work.

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I lived one year in Munich and this ad excites me so much, for this reason I believe the Münchner people would love this idea. And also the Berliner people would love the ad with Berlin Bahn-network. Sony Walkman did such a work before, I saw it a week ago here, but IMO this one works much better.

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Brilliant! Very reduced, beautiful artwork.

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apparently audio books make you miss your stop, and get off at the end of the line....

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Very nice.

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i cant see how a map in a smaller scale could mean less time... the distance still there, still the same... dont?

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