Leica: Sharpest Details, Nail

Sharpest details.
Leica S2 with 37,5 million pixels.

Advertising Agency: Advico Y&R AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Christian Bobst
Copywriter: Johannes Raggio
Art Director: Lukas Wietlisbach
Photographer: Luca Schneider
Typographer: Luca Schneider
Consultant: Sandro Breu

December 2010


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Its a nail right! great campaign

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already done

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ivan i really suggest comments filtering process on AoTW... that is whenever some smartass says "this was done, or already done" it gets removed automatically!.. coz this is my pet peeve and i suppose its many others as well!!

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I already to that for Guest comments. Somebody says: "Done" it gets deleted.

We can have community comment moderation, but you have to be prepared to have your comment voted down too. It's dangerous.

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i've already said that because ideas keep turning and moving around between the agencies all over the world, and its getting harder i guess to come up with a new brilliant totally unseen or heard of sort of idea, so to hear many comments like "done" means that these comments makers are really apprentices which is gonna affect the proper rating of an artwork and makes things hmm.. well unreal..

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