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June 2013

Outdoor advertisment created by Ogilvy, France for Knacki, within the category: Food.

Why pay more?

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, France
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Copywriter: Vincent Pedrocchi
Art Director: Cédric Moutaud
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Art Buyer: Nejma Tazit
Account Supervisor: Thomas Christiaen
Advertiser's Supervisor: Suzanne Manet
Account Manager: Claire Viala
Retouching: Yelle Vandenbruaene

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certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

very cheap and overused joke.

Annette's picture
Activity Score 109

C`mon man... cannes 2013 was really low on quality standarts, makes you doubt what kind of judgement they´ve used, really really bad... a lot of ads like this won, shame... it lowers the award excellence. a lot, im not buying cannes bullshit anmore...

monoliz's picture
Activity Score 1304

cannes is not for advertising, it's for creativity.

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

and for re-using old ideas.
also, too much lobbying goes on in cannes.

cannes has lost credibility in my eyes

monoliz's picture
Activity Score 1304

it never gained in mine

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 49606

Some are more plausible than others.

MindDrift's picture
Activity Score 1170

Great campaign.

baliais's picture
Activity Score 2610

School work?

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Heh, I think it's funny though. Good work selling sausages.

kcd0226's picture
Activity Score 91

I agree, I like these.

lichengrui's picture
Activity Score 23

School work!

Spoonfeederxxx11's picture
Activity Score 184

I agree...

Cannes standard is shocking...

I can imagine what the panel of judges were saying... "Hey guys, look!"
"I know the standard of work this year is shite, but we can't not award anything, let's just give this one... This one and that one over there an award, and then we can go an get pissed at the after parties..."

"Who votes we do that?"

(ALL) "I"