Kian Guitars: The Guitar Poster

Kian is a brazillian luthiery, and our work consists in translating the sound and personality of a musician in an instrument. Knowing that each instrument we create is unique, we used the concept “a sound of your own” to create a new project. To promote the art of building musical instruments, we chose the same technique used to make guitars and created our poster. “The Guitar Poster” really plays like a guitar, and was crafted using reforestation wood of the highest quality.

Advertising Agency: RC Comunicação, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Guilherme Araújo
Art Directors: Eduardo Araújo, Rodrigo Spotorno, Lucas Bandeira
Copywriters: Igor Oliveira, Gustavo Costa, Guilherme Araújo
Photographer: Luiz Sales
Luthier: Sânzio Brandão

July 2013

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