KFC: Life Gets Easier, Cooking

Grey Group Singapore developed a print poster campaign to highlight the ease and convenience of getting food with KFC Delivery. Each print/poster contains four handcrafted miniature exhibits that portray how life got easier over time. The methods of hunting, cooking and bring food to the table, have all been simplified. All thanks to KFC Delivery.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz
Associate Creative Directors: Joseph Cheong, Ang Sheng Jin
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Art Directors: Ang Sheng Jin, Alex Tan, Marcus Lim
Photographer: Teo Chai Guan / Teo Studios
Model Makers: Harold Cheng, Kris Tan, Vonny Lim
Illustrator: Evan Lim, Kris Tan / Magic3
Account Manager: Christopher Yong

July, 2012


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

Evolution well explained :) lovely visual.

Slightly off-topic; If I could choose my chicken, I'd take the first one ;p

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

Pardon the pun

But I don't think this sits very well with all the current obesity scare, particularly coming from a fast food brand, particularly if that particular fast food brand sells a particularly oily kind of chicken.

yeayea1412's picture
48 pencils

like a lot

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

i like this miniatures, i like the idea. Only thing which dusturbes me is the way they exhibited this idea. Four pillars? Really?

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

I don't know - I once had a history book that used a similar visual. Perhaps a reference to something like that? Not sure.

alausa's picture
1420 pencils

Museum display.

kleenex's picture
41166 pencils

nice visual.

Vicente Laurino's picture
Vicente Laurino
4 pencils

Like it...love the visual....

NicoCiego's picture
1033 pencils


venom_elite's picture
772 pencils

Waaaay off-brand.

Bleak grey panelling and model train figurines do not make my want to rush out and grab a Zinger burger...

DilipRevar's picture
264 pencils

Really great..

ignitionspark's picture
212 pencils

I like the idea but not that much effective...

dossietenueve's picture
4 pencils

Very nice! 3 histories are well done

but poor girl´s left leg

zebraxas's picture
88 pencils

left leg is ok. is just the shadow of the kfc box...

jackblack's picture
2350 pencils

Sure KFC would run this. Not.

fotdot's picture
673 pencils

Not very appealing to viewer.

raynold's picture
336 pencils

well explained

raynold's picture
336 pencils

beautiful execution

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