John Casablancas Institute: Special FX Makeup Illusion Billboard

This roadside billboard was created for the Special FX makeup School at John Casablancas Institute to physically demonstrate the transformation that can be achieved through professional special FX makeup artists. You can witness the actual billboards at these Vancouver locations: West Blvd and 37th or at the corner of Expo and Carrall.

Advertising Agency: Spring Advertising + Design, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Rob Schlyecher
Sr. Art Director: James Filbry
Jr. Art Director: Jeremy Grice
Copywriter: Rob Schlyecher
Illustrator / Photographer: Orange Apple
Released: June 2009


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saw the billboard by stadium in vancouver,
what a amazing concept!

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dog walker

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would somebody explain the mechanism of the billboard??

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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As far as I can tell it's pretty simple. From the distance small details of the image blur into a single image in your eye or brain. When you get closer you start to see details which make the image scary.

It's pretty similar to the effect of being drunk and seeing an ugly face as pretty. But in this case the blur is done by alcohol, not by distance.

Makeup works the same way, evening out irregularities of the face.

I'm just speculating here. There may be more than just this involved.

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hell yeah!!!

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