IR weekly magazine: God is Latvian

Voldemārs Dūdums, author of the concept, explained the idea behind the advertisement: February 24 is the Day of Independence of Estonia. Hopefully, on that day Estonians did not get in a situation asking for a slighting phrase “God is Latvian!” That is a typical phrase that Estonians use when in some kind of a trouble. The magazine “IR” celebrates the Estonian Independence Day devoting one issue to the exciting Northern neighbouring country and for the purposes of publicity we made an outdoor installation near the Riga Latvian Society.

Creative Director: Voldemārs Dūdums
Art Director: Īvs Zenne
Copywriter: Voldemārs Dūdums, Nellija Ločmele
Photographer: Dmitrijs Jermolovs
Technical solution, Clear Channel Latvia, Mārtiņš Zvejnieks
Published: February 2011