IKEA: Home furnishing liner

From the place to sleep To home to enjoy.

Persuade the Japanese consumers that home furnishing is a great and fun way to improve their life at home and succesfully launch IKEA's first store in Kansai region.
We hi-jacked an entire train both inside and outside, furnished with IKEA extiles, demonstrating that a monotonous daily place can be transformed into a place full of inspiration, with just a piece of textiles. The train is a symbolic line connecting from the centre of Kobe-city to IKEA Portisland store, that represents “From the place to sleep To home to enjoy”.
TV, newspapers, online and other media made the IKEA launch event/store opening a major story, creating extensive WOM. Opening day sales set the world record for all IKEA stores, with nearly 40,000 customers.

Advertising Agency: ADK Tokyo, Japan / DRILL Tokyo, Japan
Executive Creative Director: Ken Shimizu
Creative Director: Osamu Enari
Copywriter: Takeshi Tsuji
Account Supervisors: Hiroko Uchigaki, Kazuha Okuda
Producers: Naoko Sato, Ryuji Ueno
Art Director: Akio Yamauchi

July 2009


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very very gooood.......pimp my train.

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Good idea!

But soso

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won in Cannes in 1998 by Deutsch. the only difference is that it wasn't a PR stunt but a TV ad.


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Yep, already done.

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Very ingenious, others should follow the same idea as well. A fully furnished train? It really sounds like something I'd love to try. Ikea is a big success in Japan, there's no question about it.

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