IKEA: Face, 3

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden
Media Agency: MEC
Reproduction/Retouch/Original: Factory F&B
Advertiser's Supervisor: Christine Eliasson


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wow. I'm back to the 90's

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That's Enough! That's Enoughhhh for this method
Bad work

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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your annoying.

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i'm not getting 'diversity' from these ad the faces aren't very pretty when made of furniture.

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Andrew Richardson

How do you NOT get diversity from this? The point isn't to make pretty models it's to showcase a product in a unique and interesting environment. This ad succeeds on multiple levels:

- Product display
- Connection of tagline to imagery.
- A concept that has to do with the client (this one is pretty rare... unfortunately)
- Beautiful execution of the concept.

Props for this ad campaign.

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oh, i definitely get that they're going for variety, but they used the word diversity, which is regularly used to describe a group of PEOPLE who don't all share the same ethnicity, culture, creed, etc.

as for the 'beautiful execution'... i'm going to have to disagree. i don't want to be harsh, but these aren't winning any beauty contests.

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Guest commenter

Hey I have this really cool idea, let's make something out of something!

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“diversity…which is regularly used to describe a group of PEOPLE who don't all share the same ethnicity, culture, creed, etc”

Way to take the idea literally. So a store cant have a diverse selection of furniture? wft?

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This campaign is brilliant. The idea that I'm getting out of it is that people are different. They have different tastes. I think they're engaging and impactful. It's a campaign just made for this medium. Wouldn't work as print.

Death-defyingly simple. Make no mistake this will go all the way at Cannes.

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i think this one is a bit much.. the other one is much better

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