Hyundai: Interactive Racing Game in New York Times Square

Hyundai Race, the Interactive Racing Game in New York Times Sqaure. How exciting would it be to play an interactive racing game in New York Times Sqaure? It is an unexpected experience that only HYUNDAI can bring to the most famous screen in the world. You can play 'Hyundai Race' using your iPhone as a controller, just by downloading the app from the App Store.

Advertising Agency: Momentum, New York, USA
Game Developer: 2XL Asia, Seoul, Korea
Published: December 2011


vote4pedro's picture
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Sounds like fun. Until you get passed by a 1978 Volvo. And everything else on the road.

kleenex's picture
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nice diversion.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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Pretty nice ad in the end, but is anyone going to be mad if I say it's a pretty small, made pretty big?
Horrible case movie btw. Short flashes of buzzwords and flashes of the actual event, bah.

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Nike Diesel
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Meh. This is lame.

Wordfruit's picture
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I guess people will like this.

If it's somehow possible to have something with more players, could that be better?

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It's pretty expected. Game on a big screen - use smartphone to control. But what's really the idea here?

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