Hush: Alive Movie Posters

On the day of the premiere of Hush, a Finnish thriller about deadly love, the film's poster came alive. The film poster had been widely distributed around Finland's largest cities in the week before the premiere, and on 13.7.2012. the films stars stepped from the poster among the crowds of Helsinki. And they were holding a bloody hammer just like in the poster. During their walk they did street interviews with people they passed by asking just one question: What would you be prepared to do for love? The interviews were

Advertising Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland
Client: Helsinki Filmi, ScanBox
Creative Director: Ale Lauraéus
Copywriter: Aleksi Bardy
Photographer: Pekka Mustonen
Strategist: Robert From
Agency producers: Elina Freden, Petra Yli-Hemminki
Graphic Designers: Mark Nurmi, Isa Jokela-Gomez
Graphic Designer Trainee: Ellen Syrjälä
Producer: Jonna Kälviä

August 2012


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Creepy in a good way.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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The write-up and case study story board are more interesting than the idea or execution.

Brad_US's picture
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Most retarded idea I have ever seen. How the hell do you explain to yourself that this is an idea? I think you should take the bloody hammer and hit yourself in the head, until you seize to exist.

markprice's picture
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Ok. So it's not the most brilliant idea ever conceived, but you don't look much better when you insult them with improper phrasing like "SEIZE to exist". Unless you're implying you hope they get epilepsy...

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I am sorry markprice, but it pisses me of to see shit like this. I had a look and these guys seem to do a lot of it...

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