Hot Wheels: Child shaped structures on highway

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Mexico
General Creative Directors: José Montalvo, Miguel Ruíz
Creative Director: Iván Carrasco
Head of Art: Iván Carrasco
Art Directors: Francisco Hernández, Sergio Díaz Infante
Copywriters: Carlos Meza, Sergio Díaz Infante
Account Management: Pilar Troconis, Alejandra Gómez
Production: Juan Pablo Osio, Ereth Bolaños, César Gama, Ernesto Herrera
Photographer: Diego Arrigoni
Photographer Producer: Ezequiel Schnabel
Production Company: ONA Producciones / Rojo Films

April, 2011


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do you have a link to where you saw it before?

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Im not starting to get anger... oh no, Im starting to get worried. Is it people that retarded? I mean, yes "again"... again from the same company with the same concept, what its supossed to be wrong about it?

People, seriously, you need to stop acting like if you knew it all.

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Very nice!!!

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Der Dada
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Lack a bit of HotWheel's impact! The feeling of speed is not in this ambient. Better off with some racing track.

a penny

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bad production, and really dangerous ambient. Kids structures are too close to the road.

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