HIV-Foundation / Finnish AIDS Council: Woman

Explore safely.

Advertising Agency: Taivas, Finland
Art Director: Jyrki Poutanen
Copywriter: Timo Silvennoinen
Graphic Designer: Fredrik Stürmer
Agency Producers: David Gamrasni, Päivi Tuomisto
Illustrator: Rami Niemi (Pekka Finland)
Other additional credits: Anna Moilanen, Teemu Jäppinen
Released: October 2008


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It's interesting.....but do her nipples have to be screaming at me like that? Maybe the next one will have a big red throbbing....mountain....

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Where's the topo lines for the Cavern of Pleasure?

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axe island or something had the visual did a scam about urban jungles f*cking mother nature.

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didn't axe do something like this last year? regardless, it's pretty. pretty shitty.

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Nothing new. Done in 2003.

same type of execution, but worse

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yep. It reminded me 'bout this one either.

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tbwa oslo
not so far from finland:)

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Finland, Finland, Finland...
The country where I'd quite like to be.
Your mountains so lofty,
Your treetops so tall.
Finland, Finland, Finland,
Finland has it all.

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Emran Hayat
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i didnt c anythgin like this b4.. so i liked it

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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The same concept as TBWA Paris´ "Explore, just protect yourself"

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Playboy ad!

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