All Of Us Are RockStars

March 2013
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Hendrix Studio is a musical rehearsal studios, where young bands perfect their skills. Problem: Musicians stop rehearsing as the way to the big stage seems too hard for them. Insight: Young musicians doubt their talent. Idea: Telling young musicians that there is a rock star in every one of us. Solution: Poster in which a spermatozoon which reached the ovule first is metaphorically compared to a rock star on the stage. And there is a crowd of admiring fans before the stage. These fans are also spermatozoa which never reach the ovule so they never become rock stars.

Advertising Agency: Twiga, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Mikhail Elagin
Art Director: Grant Abovyan
Copywriter: Sergey Fedorov
Designer: Mikhail Chebanu

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