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Juvenile fun, but still fun. :)

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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I agree.

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Yep, nice idea (if the people we can see on the pics are not the agency's creatives and their friends). Any link of the Instagram or Facebook page where we can see all the pictures taken by "masses" of israeli people (as they say) ? I haven't found any link on Google

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Hi Picky1,
the instagram hashtag is in hebrew, that is way you can't find it #השחר
try the following link, i hope it will work:

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Thanks for the link. But it confirmed what I suspected : not even 50 pictures of people "enjoying like a child". Is this what you call "masses of Israeli" ? Perhaps we haven't the same idea of what can be called a huge amount of people...

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With a small number of signs during short media time, we got the amount of over - 400 pictures of users who photographed themselves and shared with their friends on facebook, all the pictures have been Liked in Instagram (some even got more than 200 likes). The people became "brand ambassadors" and spread the word about the new flavors to their friends . Although the campaign is finished, many users still continue, until this moment, to upload pictures to the brand's hashtag of themselves with the packages of the new flavors.
For us it was a success and a lot of earned media.

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Great use of offline media. It works pretty well.

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Offline media, huh-huh, offline media, huh-huh

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Great work!!!!

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