Harvey Nichols Summer Sale: Over Excitement, Man

The Harvey Nichols Sale
Try to contain your excitement

Advertising Agency: DDB, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Creative Director: Peter Heyes
Creatives: Nikki Lindman, Toby Brewer
Planner: Elisabeth Jamot
Project manager: Kirsty Petrie
Retouching: Jamie May, Andrew Walsh
Art buyer: Daniel Moorey
Photographer: Alan Clarke
Stylist: Katie Felstead
Photographer's agency: Olga Prilipko
Media agency: Rocket
Media planner: Jo Finden


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Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

Foremost; kudos for trying - and this might even work, I'm not sure. I doubt Harvey Nichols is.

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dean viii
1676 pencils

It's just immature and expected. Something you'd do in school. Sorry.

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creativegodown's picture
252 pencils

Don't tell me that this is a campaign. Agencies have forgotten what a campaign means.

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64 pencils

Hmmmm, last seen as binned scamps at Diamond White Ciders agency.

I'm surprised a brand like Harvey Nichols went for this.

army's picture
37 pencils

Oh my god....

pierrelastname's picture
2869 pencils

very bad, disgusting and bad taste. If this is trend....

riyelam's picture
370 pencils

Who pee at excitement???

crispymoore's picture
110 pencils

Dogs. Kids. The elderly.

adityakesarkar's picture
111 pencils

On who thought this.

Anon's picture
12 pencils

Get over yourselves to those boring people who take an ad so offensively. It's doing what an ad is meant to do, ‘entertain’. I bet most of you envy shopping there, hence your reaction. What a laugh.

CommandZ's picture
2506 pencils

I was wondering when someone from the agency would chime in to defend this. Anon my dear, I suggest you read up on what David Ogilvy has to say about advertising that "entertains" then try that defensive stance again.

Anon's picture
12 pencils

CommandZ 'my dear', I'm far from working for an ad agency I'm in a different region altogether. However, believe it or not, I speak as a member of the audience, a shopping fan, or can you seriously not handle someone giving a compliment and enjoying something that's this light hearted. To criticise makes sense and to compliment, then must work for the ad agency. What an absolute joke!

riyelam's picture
370 pencils

So you pee when you get excited????

Anon's picture
12 pencils

Yes, that's exactly what I said in my comment!

Seriously, grow up!

crispymoore's picture
110 pencils

It's the same ad 3 times, but I liked it all 3 times, so whatever. Nice work.

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