Greenpeace: Light

Switch off when you don't need it.

Advertising Agency: Firstell Communications, Shanghai, China
Creative Director / Copywriter: Murphy Chou
Art Directors: Murphy Chou, Zoe Zhao
Photographer: Walker Jiang
Printing Manager: Vincent Zhou

May, 2008


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Done by Network DDBO for Nedbank...have a look in any annual.

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Wasn't it for Eskom... "save energy" i might be wrong, but yep, these guys are a year or so - late.

Now... inspire me!

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the Pun-isher
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Rip off, not surprising though, coming from china.

Bath yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

Andy-B's picture
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I find this hard to understand.
are they trying to say we dont need advertising?
Bad choice of media!

skanger's picture
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Yup was for eskom...oops!

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john ler
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yeah lol, it was eskom who made it first (good idea, but power cuts arent).

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i just saw something like this on current_ (it's a new user submitted news channel)

a parisian group goes around turning off all the neon to either save energy or culture jam (one or the other, or another).

nonetheless, you must realize that a big white board is the promised land to graffiti artists. however, i think green peace is down with that... if they are, they should make it public, or at least be prepared.

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It is a good message, but yes, it is nearly a copy of the referenced Eskom billboard. Keep brainstorming on this one!

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Sometimes you get a great idea. Sometimes a great idea gets someone else first. Sometimes it rains.

Andy-B's picture
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Great mind think alike

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ripoff. Maybe it'll win this year's Crying Monkey Award in Beijing. Good luck, fellas

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Sheessh... you people act like it's something that was original when DDBO did it. It's not exactly original by any stretch, no matter who used it first. It's a cute idea, but I doubt it was all that effective (It's a *billboard* -- who has time to read the tiny print and assimilate the message when you're driving past at 110kpm?), no matter *who* used it first.

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This is the first time I'm saying this: done before.

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how about "Don't buy such a big media space if you don't need it."

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except the light from bottom...

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fire your research team. you do have one dont you?


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the direct translation is actually "turn off the lights you don't need".

 Left Field's picture
Left Field

Go forth and multiply in as many cities as possible....just don't expect an award but reward for making a difference.


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