Snack Check

March 2011
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GranataPet is one of the innovative leaders of high premium petfood in Germany. All food is based on pomegranate and very healthy for cats and dogs. Challenge: Creating awareness for the GranataPet dog food with a slim budget! And show the high appreciation to the owners. Idea: People eonjoy getting something for free.At a checkin at foursquare for example. And they do it over and over again! We catch the target group while waking the dog. And use the typical conditioning-approach, but now for the masters. The Message; Check in! Snack out! Just check in the location of the billboard at foursquare and the dog food comes out of the dispenser automatically. Plain and simply without being the major! And no boring voucher. Achievements: With this idea it was easy to show the dogs high appreciation of the GranataPet dog food to the owners. Its an easy way to introduce a new brand to the dog community. Hundreds of billboard visitors generate an additional demand of GranataPet at the local pet stores. And also post there logins on Facebook.

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