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I like the idea of God striking this "blasphemous" billboard. But the connection to the billboard company seems tenuous. Isn't God supposed to be all-seeing? To me, at least, the idea that HE is very far away is a bit of a stretch. But maybe that's my limited religiousness at work.

Maybe a message to space aliens would've worked better? Or some sort of insult to America?



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First thought that hit me in this. It would work much better with the Martians, and very realistic with America... Haha..

And BTW, somebody seems to know a little less about Him...

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Creative Zelda
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God exists!

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pffffff, god exists.

Your agency creativity not exist

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Creo que la idea es excelente. Como título sólo hubiera dejado "Vallas que se ven desde muy lejos".
El tema es que no sé si la gente entiende que al s´wptimo día se incendia la valla. Tal vez un número con una cuanta regresiva hubiera ayudado un poco más-
pero me paree una idea super llamativa y que despierta comentarios.

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Totalmente de acuerdo con Silvi, me parece una idea buena y chistosa. Ciertamente el copy pudo ser mejor.

El efecto del humo me gustó mucho y creo que ayuda realmente a entender el mensaje, inclusive sólo viendo la valla final.

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I LOVE THIS!!! great IDEA!!!

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it took me a moment to get it, but when i did it made me smile :)

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Nice work.

Simple ideas are the best !

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what a pitiful billboard.but the logo board seems well.HE showed mercy.

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Muhammad Imran
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Bullshit! 1*

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Only the agency guys saw the destrution on the 7th day.

Poor client. The agency burned his money.

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neither the idea nor the execution is good.. sorry 1/10

| Everartz |

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idea is very gooood.....

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This is great! Expensive, but great!

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

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God exsist and he is real

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