Garnier: Bale Of Straw

The cure for parched unglamorous Hair. New Fructis Oil Repair.

We were asked to create an unconventional outdoor advertisement to create awareness for Garnier's new cure for parched and damaged hair. The new Garnier Fructis Oil Repair. In summertime, once you step out of Germany's cities, the roads are lined with bales of dry straw. So we wrapped these bales of straw with wrappers that carried our message: The cure for parched, damaged hair. New Garnier Fructis Oil Repair.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Gert Maehnicke
Art Directors: Merlin Kwan,Michaela Kammerer
Copywriter: Thorsten Albrecht
Photography: Mert Photography, Essen
Production: Uwe Steinmüller
Projekt Management: Lea Schollmeyer
Client Service: Ulla van de Sand, Julia Kiolbassa


kleenex's picture
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Great idea, but will many people even see it???

Society of Doom's picture
Society of Doom
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That's what I'm thinking. It would probably have been better placed in a public park or something like that.

xel's picture
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None :))

Hadrons's picture
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not effective medium.


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Don't be a f** client! It's effective. You know. Internet? Remember the adidas fresco at 1 (!!) train station? We all saw that around the world. If something hits, it doesn't matter where it is. In a city park or in the fields. I think it made for the Internet-Facebook society.

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I think it's pretty good idea. It would certainly make me curious. If put on the field next to motorway or rail trucks then it could work. I wonder if this could be put in some shopping center or city center. I would be curious seeing this in the field. The one presented looks bit expensive for the amount of the people passing on this small road.

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Very interesting...


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I wouldn't've thought it's amazing enough to get talked about that much on facebook - maybe I'm wrong.

But sure it must be easy enough to find some grassy places where there's lots of people, to place these, and so make them effective.

vlads's picture
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i dont know, it looks interesting but dont know.

MK-tessa's picture
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Well we have never seen it before and that's exactly what people will do; not see it.

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Effective clutter free advertising, will definitely target the audience.

→The bundles were not required to be spread across the filed. Putting a few just near the road would have done the job effectively.

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