Fuser: Cindy

Campaign website: http://www.nevermissamessage.com

Advertising Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver, USA
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Art Director: Jeff Euteneuer
Copywriters: Zac Spector, James Glynn
Illustrators: Willie Castro, Flinch Studio
Photographer: Joseph Michael Lopez

October, 2008


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Oh great. *More* crap on walls and sidewalks and floors.

Tell me, do these agencies also send people out to clean this stuff up?


No, I am not a media buyer.

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Guest commenter

When it;s scam, it;s not that big of an issue

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Guest commenter


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New York Neighborhoods? Thats outside the Virgin megastore in Denver. I saw some of these while I was walking to work, but they were just pieces of paper attached to a light pole with a single sad piece of tape. Couldnt read them being that anyone moving along the sidewalk generally looks right past flyers attached to things. And why would you need a message aggregation? dont social networks send you e-mail alerts anyway? looks like they missed the message.

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