Funk: No need, 1

No one needs to know what you did last night.

Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei;

Advertising Agency: DDB Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Stefan Schulte, Bert Peulecke
Copywriters: Ricardo Wolff, Marian Goetz
Art Directors: Gabriel Mattar, Johannes Hicks
Illustrator: Craig Zuckerman
Account Supervisors: Marie-Louise Jakob, Silke Lagodny
Planner: David Kamp

June 2008


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47 pencils

nice concept. scary idea.

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it should be "no one cant know you did last night"
anyways love the art direction

Robert_Paulson's picture
18 pencils

No it shouldn't, that doesn't make any sense at all.

askon's picture
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Wow good eye!

You should email one of the CDs at DDB and get them to fix it for us.

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

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Bad English my friend!

shajahanaman's picture
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good one.

fen1x's picture
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Really like it.

I have a question.
Can anyone tell me how long takes to create ad like this? Im not asking about whole process but only about graphic design side.

And please dont banished me because Im asking :D

ivan's picture

You mean the illustration part, right? It will probably take 3-5 days to an experienced illustrator. But I knew a person who would be able to do this in 8 hours. :)

fen1x's picture
471 pencils

Thanks Ivan.
Its long way before me ;]

unlimilove's picture
57 pencils

is this copy?
Same visual, same product, same baseline:

|Some of my best friends are softwares|

Jupiter's picture
547 pencils

thanks for the link, that's what i call "RESURRECTION"...

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

theoneandtheother's picture
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thats so lame ... stealing ideas with the same visuell execution. Copy paste .... be proud of your stolen lion!!!

unlimilove's picture
57 pencils

Maybe they are not thiefsn there is no credits on the first add:

|Some of my best friends are softwares|

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They didn't steal the idea from someone else. They stole from themselves. Ricardo Wolff and Gabriel Mattar where the creators of the Ag 407 ad and now the recycled the idea on DDB. So, they don't even have the excuse that they didn't know the original ad existed.

theoneandtheother's picture
113 pencils

than i just have to say SORRY and a fucking amazing peace of work .... cause i really love the ad

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I like the tagline, but I don't like the idea, eventhough the have nice art direction. I think the tone and manner is wrong big time.

sold's picture
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well, 2 questions:
- those guys (Mattar and Wolff) still working at DDB Berlin?
- cannes is a serious festival?

about the 2nd question: one of the partners of AG407, in cannes, spoke with the jury about this case, and cannes give the lion even with that information. now we know: recycle and get a lion.

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I can't believe it!!! I'look for my old ideas and send them ALL! (hey, maybe I end up winning...)

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I like these. A good concept and well executed. I've seen other similar comments, so I know I'm not alone when I suggest that all the activities should be in the red veins IN the eyes, not BEHIND the eyes.
Well done.

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roi zhang
132 pencils

nice art

teenquey's picture
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well... overall i don't like it. the details on the back of the eye is good. but overall... it looks disgusting... sorry

Ravages's picture
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Decentish strategy/pitch for sunglasses. I like the effort that went into the execution, but darnit, it makes me cringe in horror. My eyes!

alenq's picture
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if this was an idea recycled after the unsuccessful pitch, i would not find anything wrong with it... but this way, it's a blemish for "creatives", cannes and whole industry. and if i was a client from first run, i would love my new friends the lawyers ;)

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Pirate Pete
18 pencils

All said and done, it's a lovely insight that's been crafted into an almost bullet-proof argument. If these ads were lawyers, they'd win the case. No doubt.

"Consensus is average."

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I love it!
Che spetacol!

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Well some other great news!

KNOLEX said they stole the idea from themselfs, but no. They stoled from Marc Paes photo for PlayStation ad, created once, recycled one more time and... BAM! Prestigious lion and possible brazilian YOUNG GUNS 09.

Ain´t they crazy?

Oh, almos forgot about the stolen link:

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