Fox Crime: Blue bloods

Just programming does not do a videogame; sometimes it can also have wood and billboard. This is how this interactive billboard has been created to launch Blue Bloods, a new series in Fox Crime. When you look at the billboard through your iPhone it turns into an unexpected action game. Innovation means finding paths no one was ever gone through, and this forces you to develop new applications by yourself, investigating new techniques. In the University of California we found a thesis about moving color detection for Mobile Augmented Reality. We used it in this campaign to prove that it can be putted it into practice in a real context. It's the first time an Augmented Reality billboard is set outdoors. A shooting game that combines many kinds of technology: color detection, distance detection, vision angles… But our main aim was it to be fun. Advertising understood as sponsored entertainment. A futuristic technology that we can find on the street.

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