Foundation Abbé Pierre: 7

Advertising Agency: BDDP & Fils, Paris, France
Account Supervisors: Laurence Petolat-Vivares, Irache Martinez, Cyril Champaud
Creative Director: Guillaume Chifflot
Art Director: David Derouet
Copywriter: Emmanuel de Dieuleveult
Photographer: Ronan Merot
Art buyers: Marie Ferrara, Elise Kubler
Released: December 2008

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You can put another bed where the typo is.

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yes, but he owns laptop, tv and microwave oven

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great stuff!

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They should thank they've gotta home...

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david, t'es trop fort! excellentissime!

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pssshhhhh welcome to new york city.

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cannes material

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Could have made the guy a bit more 'scruffy' looking, his shoes are in better condition than mine!

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i cannot understand how people can like these. completely un-original!

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These aren't bad for their unoriginality, they're bad because people will simply move on after seeing it. There is precious little information and no call to action. I suspect 60 seconds later most people would have no idea what organisation this was for.

The objective is wonderful, the operation or execution is poor. The results is confusing what you're trying to achieve. Media coverage, even if it is exceptionally wide, of an ad that doesn't say much is not the end result anybody should be seeking.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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The Abbé Pierre was the favorite personnality for french people during years.
His foundation is one of the most well-known in France.

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Advertising Pawn
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Fantastic campaign.

Join the advertising orgy:


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This is absolute crap. Every damn joke about working two jobs in NYC is about having an apartment the size of a shoe box. Can you hear the rim shot off the drums?

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Where have you seen NYC in the lines?!!This campaign is for France!
I hope you don't work in an ad agency, because you won't be able to read a brief!

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you could have shown the guy in a poor condition....i don't have much of the facilities which he owns and moreover i think this is enough for a person who comes to home only to sleep....with a laptop i hope you are not unemployed....wake the guy from the scene....let him listen how he is been criticized.....but must say good photography......

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This is a brilliant campaign to address the housing crisis in Europe and in France specifically. It does not say that you cannot own a laptop or a microwave. It says that there is no place to live.

If you people would stop sniping at each other and have some manners, this might be a better discussion.


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