Fiat: Theater in a 500, 1

The beloved Fiat 500 is transformed into a live theater in this one of a kind street action by Leo Burnett Madrid. 
Tickets for the the four original plays were available through a Facebook app and ushers, programs and even concessions were on hand to make it a true theater experience. Ticket holders enjoyed the plays from inside the car while spectators watched, shot, shared and liked from the street.

Additional credits: Accounts Team : Ricardo del Campo, Eduardo Gomez-Escolar, Paco Sanchez

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Juan García-Escudero, Hector Losa, Antonio de Federico
Art Directors: Hector Losa, Pouline Atenció
Copywriters: Antionio de Federico, Roberto Luque
Illustrators: Hector Losa, Pouline Atenció
Videographer: Dakota & Durango Producciones
Client contact: Alexia Taylor

September 2013

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