Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec: Croissant

Butter. To light up our mornings.

The ads will be displayed at certain times on vertical displays, in bus shelters, in street column format and as “lumiquais” (backlit panels in metro stations) in major markets across Quebec. The media strategy is based on the fact that with the exception of the vertical format, the sites will be backlit, maximizing the concept and its visual effect.

Media Planning: Catherine Charpentier / touché!

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Canada
Creatives: Steve Blanchet, Marjorie Lapointe-Aubert
Account Service team: Véronik Bastien, Martine Delagrave
Photography: Mathieu Lévesque / La Cavalerie

May 2013


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Today's Best Ad Campaign ! Mind Blowing

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Diffidently

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love the art direction

groovy baby!

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