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Activity Score 142


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Activity Score 2428

Excellent campaign

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

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Jaap Grolleman
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This will seriously stop drunk-driving?

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No, but I do like the look of the ads though.

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I'm tired of seeing the same message without any real insight for drinking and driving ads. Just saying that you'll die if you drink and drive hasn't been doing the trick for decades. Let's try to attack this problem with a bit more creative insight. Just doing a cool looking photoshopped ad of the same old message isn't gonna change behaviour, or win awards in this case.

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nice fresh approach to an old message...awesome i love it

groovy baby!

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very strong ... but i agree with sanitizing _wipe : need better home work to make more real insight

Simple ideas are the best !

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Meredith Singh
Activity Score 407

Yikes. Too extreme to connect with me.

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Activity Score 2

Visually strong. But the art director should have stopped at this point. The car is not only unnecessary, but also killed the idea.

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Meredith Singh
Activity Score 407

Agreed. The car makes it lame.

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Activity Score 112

This visual is not about driving.
This car was crowded.!!!!!!!!

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Activity Score 109

dude... you need to watch a lot of ads...

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alex razzaghi
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The visual is amazing but as an "don't drink and drive ad" it fails to communicate.
It has romantic vibe to it rather than a "OMG what the F did i do / regret" vibe.

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Activity Score 142