DO: Tank

For those who love the best Japanese food.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Leandro Castilho
Copywriter: Leandro Castilho
Art Director: Guy Costa
Photographer: Marlos Bakker
Illustrator: Wds Studio
Art Buyers: Juliana Gardim, Gustavo Santos, Bruna Tombolatto
Advertiser's Supervisor: Rogério F. Maneschi

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nice,but i don't think the fish tank also delicious.

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thanx. you just killed my love for sushi.

looks more like a greenpeace ad to me.

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just write
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the idea is not clear... it should hav been ilustrated in sm other way...

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Is that rice below the fish tank? y dun just make it ice instead, and the seaweed, maybe can replace it with tapes or anything
else that ties the fish and ice together and make it look like a sushi instead. for the copy, i cant taste any "great" in the food,
maybe just fresh enough.

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is it against eating fish?

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There are too many things to pick on with these.

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Emran Hayat
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a fresh sushi.. i like the concept

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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It's the line. I think a line that plays off "fresh" may be better for the image. It seems stereotyping good Japanese food as eating just raw fish.

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Ill buy it

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i like the typo :)

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Nothing beats a fresh piece of glass...

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o anúncio ficou realmente muito bom!
Vc anda sumido la no Restô hein?! hahaha!!!!
Espero ver vc em breve!
Marcel Sasaki

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i think the readablelity of the text is low.. it's hard to read.. because you used vertical type..

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