Deadline Express Couriers: Self-destruct

When we give you a time we mean it.

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
Copywriters / Art Directors: Jamie Hitchcock, Josh Lancaster
Photographer: Stephen Langdon
Account Supervisor: Brent Smart
Interactive Creative: Mark Addy
Interactive Producer: Rebecca Holt


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i think this idea has been used before...

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nice work but placing this in the middle of nowhere seems counterproductive. this seems like something that should have been installed at times square.

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well if it is in times square when it blow up it would do some damage or worse, kill some people.

i think this was put in highway to suburb where quite lot of traffic passes by on a regular/daily basis. Like LA county suburb or something.

i'm sure i've seen this before few months ago.

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>it would do some damage or worse, kill some people.

yeah, I suppose it would be really tough to hire a half-way competent producer who'd take care of such concerns.

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It was actually on a rather busy street in Auckland City CBD, generated a fair bit of hype and has won a few awards.

I think it's ok, nothing eye boggling though.

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Why destruct, why a negative approach. They could demonstrate their objective in some positive way, not in a way that rwminds of some kind of sabotage. People are laready frightened by explosions.

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What was your solution? I think this is brilliant.

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Didn't this just win a Silver Lion in Outdoor? Gee I bet the creatives really wish they'd looked for a more positive way to demonstrate their objective.

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Make that a million + 1.
I just saw it too.
Creative outdoor use for sure.
I'll mention on my blog
and ad a few more views.

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